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Finding Divine Inspiration

Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity
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God wants to collaborate with YOU.

There is a New Renaissance coming in the arts and God has a special place for you in it! In Finding Divine Inspiration you’ll learn how to hear God’s voice and collaborate with Him in the work He has for you.

God wants to reform the arts, to bring a new infusion of Divine Inspiration into the mainstream and an explosion of arts in the church, but for these changes to come His artists must develop a lifestyle of collaboration with Him. Through solid biblical guidance, exciting historical and current examples, and practical steps, Finding Divine Inspiration shows artists how to partner with God in their life and work. Its a concept that can help invigorate your spiritual life, bring new inspiration, enable you to share God’s messages more freely and ultimately transform the arts.

Start your amazing journey toward Finding Divine Inspiration!

Includes exclusive interviews with :

• Thomas Blackshear,Painter, “Forgiven”

• Dan Haseltine  Jars of Clay

• Peter Furler , Newsboys

• Buzz Mclaughlin,Writer/Producer, Theater and Film

• And others

Available Now.

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  1. I look forward to reading your book. As you continue in your research of the Christian Renaissance, I urge you to check out Field of Dreams Conservatory in Raleigh NC. You can see videos on You Tube. The founder/director, my brother Mike Green, has an ongoing vibrant ministry in the arts that spans over 20 years. You would be amazed at the professionalism that comes out of that studio – all for the Glory of God and the advancement of the Kingdom. God Bless.

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